DJ Khaled Snapchat’s The Birth of His First Child

(via Instagram)

New Baby Alert!

Early Sunday morning (Oct. 23rd), DJ Khaled became a dad for the first time. He and his fiancée Nicole Tuck welcomed a baby boy into the world.

Of course, DJ Khaled did what DJ Khaled does, he snapchatted the whole thing.

Khaled is known to snap no matter what. He became the King of snapchat before anyone really paid attention to the social media platform, by being one of the few celebrities to actually use Snapchat as a way to market/promote their brands and lifestyle.

With the help of Snapchat, DJ Khaled opened himself up to a whole new audience and put himself on a different level of celebrity.

He has coined many terms and catch phrases that caught on pretty quickly. Now everyone’s saying things like “Major Key Alert”, “Cloth talk”, “Mogul Talk”, and various other saying the DJ has made popular.

Khaled’s fiancée is rarely on his Snapchat, and when she has randomly appeared (mostly only her voice being heard), she has always seemed pretty annoyed that Khaled was trying to snap their intimate moments. However, that definitely didn’t stop Khaled from giving us all an inside scoop into the delivery room, one of his most intimate moments to date.

He even played music from his newest album Major Key in the background.

DJ Khaled has already deemed his soon as a “young mogul”. It will surely be interesting seeing a young DJ Khaled running around yelling “Special Cloth Alert”.

Congratulations Khaled!