So, what is Cinco Day anyway? Cinco Day is a holiday curated by a dope group of people who wanted to create a space for creatives to thrive. It’s a monthly pop-up art party that happens on the 5th of every month, hence the title Cinco Day.


The last Cinco Day happened on Oct 5. The event was filled with some pretty dope vendors, delicious tacos, good sounds, and amazing performances that ranged from spoken word to singing.


Cinco Day is a celebration of the arts where emphasis is placed on art appreciation and support. It doesn’t matter if you are a visual artist, clothing designer, singer, rapper, model, dancer, tattoo artist, or whatever medium you choose to use to express your creativity. There’s space for all forms of art on Cinco Day.


Here’s 3 reasons why you should support this holiday:


  1. Proceeds from the event will help fund local scholarships and school supply drives.

The creators of Cinco Day strongly believe in giving back to the community. The profits made from these events goes toward charitable causes.


  1. The vending and networking opportunities.

Whether you attend to set up shop or to just be a spectator of the arts, you will meet cool people and possibly be presented with a few amazing networking opportunities. The Cinco Day vibes are welcoming and free. People are truly there to support each other.


  1. Pablo Picasso.

Pablo Picasso is basically the mascot for Cinco Day. He’s a fictional character who happens to be a taco. Each month he expresses a different layer of himself as he explores the arts, spreads positivity, and bring cool people together to indulge in their creativity.


If Cinco Day sounds like something you would be interested in attending and/or being a part of, check out their website for information on the next Cinco Day Pop-Up Art Party.