Today is the day. The Atlanta Indie Market will open today. From 12pm  to 7pm you can join us at the Beltline Fairgrounds for the experience of community and culture. Here are 4 reasons why you should be there:


  1. It’s opening day!

Today will be the first official kickoff for the ultimate underground marketplace and community kickback. The energy will be high and you don’t want to be that person who doesn’t show and regret it once you see all the photos and status updates.


  1. It will be a great use of your Saturday!

Saturdays are for being productive and/or indulging in some fun. Luckily, at the Atlanta Indie Market you can have both! Want today to be productive? Come out and get in some networking. There will be many different types of people in attendance, which will make the market place a prime space for A1 networking opps. Just in the mood to vibe and chill today? Cool, there will be a substantial amount of vibing going on all day.

We definitely got you covered.


  1. The food trucks, performances, vendors, and creative activities!

It’s a guarantee that you will be fed, entertained, and even have the opportunity to shop and flex your creative muscles. From the AIM stage to the Create Space, we will have a little bit of everything available to satisfy whatever mood you may be in throughout the day.


  1. It’s FREE and powered by POP ATL!

Who doesn’t love a good free event? Plus, your neighborhood dealers of dope customized merch are the masterminds behind this whole operation. POP ATL is doing it for the culture with this one and you are invited!

Today is going to be amazing. So, POP up on us. Get it? No? Okay cool. See you later friends!


 Visit for details.