In 3 days, AFROPUNK FEST will be in Atlanta. AFROPUNK is an arts festival created for the many sides of the black art experience. It debunks stereotypes and puts the spotlight on the fact that there isn’t just one type of person of color.


We come in all shades and have varying interests when it comes to food, music, art, and film.


AFROPUNK originally started in Brooklyn back in 2005. Since, the festival has popped up in London, Paris, South Africa, and now Atlanta.


This weekend, you will have the opportunity to experience two days of great music, cool people, and good vibes. Single day tickets are currently sold out but tickets for both days are still available.


Some of the music line-up will include:



Willow Smith

Danny Brown

Alice Smith


Princess Nokia

Jamila Woods

And many others…


The AFROPUNK FEST is the ultimate experience for those who are into being around people who freely embrace creativity and artistic expression. There’s still time to purchase tickets here.