After 18 years The Atlanta Falcons Will Finally Return To The Super Bowl

(via The Inquisitr)

Atlanta is that city right now.

The Atlanta Falcons are finally going to the Super Bowl again!

After 18 years, our team will finally get another opportunity to show everyone why we are the “dirty birds”.

The Falcons won the NFC Championship against the Green Bay Packers on Sunday. With the 44-21 score, the Falcons definitely deserved the win. They played like that actually wanted it. They played hard. As we all know, over the years, the Falcons haven’t always been the most consistent team but if you are a true Falcons fan, you stuck in there and still held hope in your heart for a victory. Well, the time has come, we have a victory!

They have been playing exceptionally well and we are hoping they keep the momentum going for the Super Bowl.

In our 51-year history, this will be our second time making an appearance at the Super Bowl, so we must show up and show out.

The city has already started to celebrate. The energy of Atlanta right now, is super potent. We need this win the culture.

The Falcons will be playing the New England Patriots on Feb. 5th in Houston, Texas.

Congrats Falcons! You have made us proud.