[POP Feature] Alexis Glenn

The Atlanta creative scene is a beast of its own and I'm in love with it”, says the very talented singer Alexis Glenn. The creative scene in Atlanta continues to grow. There are countless visual artists, music artists, models, curators, etc. stepping on the scene daily. So in order for one to stand out, you must either be really talented, have a huge support system, a gimmick, are all of the above. But then you have those people who emerge and you can’t help but want to know  their story, and support whatever it is they have created. These are the artists who captivate with their essence and originality alone. These are the hidden gems of Atlanta and that’s exactly what Alexis Glenn is, a hidden gem. She’s a true songbird and her voice comes as a gift to the ears of anyone who listens.

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Check out her Type of Girl saga HERE and have a listen for yourself.

So we briefly ventured inside the mind of Alexis Glenn and these are some of the jewels we found:

Chandra Meadows: Describe your sound. How would you categorize the type of music you make?

Alexis Glenn: I'd describe my sound as R&B with a Country tale. I say that because of the critics I get about my story telling in regards to my lyrics. I'm very literal and do more than paint a picture, I paint and narrate the picture. I'm constantly storytelling. Definitely not the "Ohh baby Ohh" R&B singer.

CM: What do you want your listeners to get out of your music?

AG: I want my listeners to relate, I want to give my listeners the feeling I get when a song comes on the radio, and feel like someone is doing the score for my life movie. It feels so good when girls send me DMs or texts, usually about "Tell Em", and how I'm singing directly to them. It's simply amazing. I want to give people the feeling that real relatable music gives me.

CM: What are your thoughts on Atlanta's creative scene?

AG: Being here and going to college here curated a lot of personal relationships, and I literally watched artists grow and breed their craft. It's truly a beautiful thing, so much talent, so many outlets.

CM: What has impacted you the most along your journey and what was the most valuable lesson you got out of that experience?

AG: The biggest impact on my journey and my life is being diagnosed with heart disease and implanted with my pacemaker/defibrillator. This turned a far out dream into something that seemed tangible. I didn't have time to dream, dreams only come to sleepers, and the fear that I could be a permanent sleeper at any moment in my young life frightened me. I was afraid to be gone, but mostly to not spread my words, my art.

CM: Sum up life in 3 words.

AG: A f-cking ride.

CM: What would you say to someone who has a dream but may be too afraid to actually pursue it?

AG: I would tell them exactly what my mom tells me, that fear will inhibit you from achieving anything. Fear will of course keep you from failing, but it also keeps you from ever having a chance to succeed.

CM: 3 must-haves if you were stranded on an island.

AG: My three must haves would be a coconut tree (coconut water is life), my iPod with speakers, and a dancing partner.

Alexis Glenn is creating her own lane and doing so ever so beautifully. Be sure to visit her website: www.thealexisglenn.com and check out her songs + videos. Also, follow her journey on Twitter + IG as well.

Interview done by Chandra Meadows of POP ATL

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