Are Atlanta’s Major Highways Under Attack?

Someone must have put some bad juju on Atlanta.

Popular Atlanta interstates has been under attack the last few days.  

First, it was the fire that collapsed highway I-85, which was conveniently blamed on a homeless man.

Then, there was a recent accident on interstate 75/85 that resulted in a chemical spill that shut down all lanes.

Now I-20 has buckled. Reports are saying this strange break in the ground is due to a gas leak.

The traffic in Atlanta is already ridiculous and the highways play an intricate part in people being able to commute to work, school, etc.

Is this all a huge coincidence, or is something else happening in Atlanta right now? We aren’t really getting any solid answers on what’s going on with Atlanta’s infrastructure. There’s been many renovations and new additions made to the city but is the city really getting destroyed in the process?

For commuters, this is truly a nightmare. Hopefully Atlanta gets it together soon, or else it’s going to be a very long summer.