Atlanta is growing daily. More and more people are moving here to start families and careers. The infrastructure is changing and the city is closely resembling Los Angeles and New York when it comes to traffic and tourists.


The cost of living in Atlanta is still affordable. You can live and work in the city, and still have funds to play with it, if you are moving smart. However, more lofts, luxury apartments, and townhomes are being built, and many of the rates are through the roof.


The Atlanta City Council is apparently working to make sure Atlanta housing doesn’t become too disconnected from affordability. Matthew Charles Cardinale, a housing advocate, has put together a legislation that will bring more affordable housing to the city.


Through the proposed legislation, vacant lots could be sold for as little as $1. Only developers willing to build affordable housing for those apart of the lower income community will be able to take advantage of the low property rates.


City Council hasn’t made a decision on this plan yet.