Today we put the spotlight on visual artist King Kamonster. King Kamonster is a Cali native who currently resides in Atlanta. He’s been doing art professionally for a couple years, and had his debut art show last night (June 3).

The King Kamonster Experience took place at McPhail Studios presented by Creative Exposure Consulting. Attendees got to experience live painting, music performances, interactive exhibits, and giveaways throughout the show.

It was an intimate event that gave supporters of the artist a deeper look at the art pieces he’s created over the years. Some of his collections included "Black Samurai" and "Black Love" themes, which flows naturally with the fact that King Kamonster specializes in creating bodies of work that reflect the color of his reality.

The King Kamonster Experience provided a space to network and be entertained, while experiencing walls of dope art. The energy in the studio was amazing.

If you missed the show and would like to learn more about King Kamonster, you can visit his website