Atlanta’s art scene continues to birth a special type of creative energy.

Not the superficial “art is life because it’s cool” scene, but the real “art is life because I eat and sleep it” scene. Being an artist or a creative is trendy now, so you will come across a lot of people who may not truly be about that art life. However, there are some gems that can be found amid all the hype.

Yami Jaramillo is one of those gems. She’s a writer who is making a name for herself in these Atlanta streets by simply showing up as her authentic self. If you are familiar with the art scene in Atlanta, you may have seen Yami, or Yaaaamz if you’re cool.


You can catch her hosting some of the hottest functions, or writing for some of the coolest publications in the city. If you aren’t familiar with the Panama native but Forever I Love Atlanta reppin’ creative mastermind, you’re missing out on something dope.

You can find Yaaaamz in the social media sphere here:

And if you should ever need to know what’s going on in Atlanta scene wise, check out Yaaaamz and Friends for the scoop!

(all images are courtesy of Yami’s Instagram page)