Why stick to just creating your own lane when you can have your own avenue too?


Court Kim is out here being fierce, fabulous, and serving extra fresh looks for the culture.


She’s a dope dose of “yaaasss” with a side of “go girl”. Model, Tv Host, Influencer, and Georgia State University Grad, Court Kim is redefining what it means to run your own race. In the midst of finding her way, she’s created a whole avenue at the intersection of celebrating womanhood, gracefully embracing femininity, and making boss moves.


When she’s not tearing down the patriarchy and debunking black girl stereotypes, she’s slaying effortlessly on and off the gram.



Court Kim recently introduced her talk show Court Kim Ave to the world, as well as debuted her official website TheCourtKim.com


She’s definitely one creative in Atlanta to keep a close eye on, don’t be surprised if you see her on your tv soon. You can stay connected to Court Kim via IG + Twitter.


You can also listen to her podcast here.


**all photos taken from Court Kim's IG page**