Phresh Ali just may be Atlanta’s next musical gem. If you are into good music and know anything about Atlanta’s indie scene, you have more than likely been introduced to Phresh Ali’s music knowingly or unknowingly. Experiencing his music is like going to a restaurant, ordering something you’ve never had, and then discovering you’ve been missing out on something savory.

Ali is one of those artists who won’t be all in your face trying to get your attention, he knows he’s dope and he lets his work speak for him. He’s probably the most lowkey high key rappers out right now. Ali is representing Atlanta and doing this music thing his way, on his time, and you gotta respect that.

Phresh Ali hasn’t skipped any steps or asked for any handouts. He’s consistently shown up and shown out when it comes to producing music and giving memorable performances. In fact, Ali even caught the attention of legendary producer Jermaine Dupri. You can now catch Phresh Ali on Jermaine Dupri’s SoSoSUMMER 17 Tour



Phresh Ali just released a new visual. Check out Pheedback below. Follow him on IG if you’re interested in witnessing the unfolding of his story.


(images via Phresh Ali’s Facebook)