The westside of Atlanta is thriving with so much love, support, and culture. In the midst of the current run of gentrification, the community is standing strong.


There are so many people who have formed organizations, businesses, and safe spaces within and around the community. Mr. Shawn Walton is one of those people. A resident of westside Atlanta. A Morehouse graduate. An activist. A teacher. Someone who believes in empowering the people, especially the youth. A man who doesn’t have it all figured out, but who has decided to take a leap anyway, because he believes in the people and the community wholeheartedly.

He’s a product of the same environment he’s trying to save.



Shawn Walton is a community leader for the culture. Walton is heavily involved in the westside streets. He’s pushing community, dealing hope, and giving the youth an alternative.




Shawn Walton is one of westside Atlanta’s heroes, and it all started with a bike shop. 




Walton is currently running for City Council District 4. Check out to learn more about Shawn Walton and to donate to his campaign.

 Vote November 7.