Old Atlanta is becoming more and more of a thing of the past. As Atlanta continues to grow, expand, and gentrify, a new Atlanta is emerging. Atlanta has always been the utopia for the African American community.

Atlanta is the land of opportunity in the south.

People come here to start businesses, find homes, and start a new chapter of their lives. Those who have known Atlanta before the massive changes that have taken place throughout the city may be feeling a little home sick. Atlanta isn’t what it used to be.

The removal of the Georgia Dome signs is being added to the list of the many removals and transformations Atlanta has undergone in the name of new business acquisitions.

The Georgia Dome was a community staple landmark. It’s demolition was painful to a lot of Atlantans, while others were excited to see something new.

The first sign for the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium was put up this week. It’s the first of 11 signs that will be going up around the city.

The Mercedes-Benz Stadium will officially open the week of August 25.

Hello New Atlanta.