Atlanta Teacher Patrice Brown’s Outfits Goes Viral And She Becomes #TeacherBae

(via Instagram)

So everyone has weighed in with their opinions on fourth grade teacher Patrice Brown.

The Atlanta teacher went viral a few days ago after some photos of her at work surfaced on the net. Think pieces and status updates are continuously rolling in as the teacher’s wardrobe remains the topic of discussion.

It’s crazy how much chatter a few curves can cause.

Brown’s choice of clothing has been on trial since her story went viral. The question of whether her clothes are appropriate for her profession or not has been posed.

However, at the root of all the controversy, her clothes aren’t even the issue. The fact that Ms. Brown is curvaceous is what really broke the internet. She’s an attractive woman with curves who happens to be a fourth grade teacher. While you can tell she isn’t trying to hide her shape in the photos, there isn’t anything inappropriate about her attire. Besides, she’s an elementary school teacher, more than likely no students are being distracted by what she is wearing. Maybe this would be a different conversation if she was a middle school or high school teacher, but it seems this just may be a case of people going overboard with their critiques on how someone else should be. Since the rise of social media, things are blown out of proportion daily and people also seem to have a harder time minding their business.

Does anyone know what kind of teacher Brown is? Is the success rate of her students passing standardized tests high? Do her student like her and are they getting what they need from her class educational wise? The Atlanta Public School System isn’t the best system right now and we need as many good teachers as we can get. The focus being on the teacher’s wardrobe is kind of ridiculous when you think about it, especially since there’s nothing inappropriate about it.

Patrice Brown didn’t do anything wrong but be a fine teacher, this may have been a rare sighting for many of us back in the day when teachers were 60-years-old, but these days, teachers are getting younger and younger. Let’s face it, every teacher isn’t going to look like your grandmother. So get over it and leave #TeacherBae alone. If she’s a good teacher, that’s all that counts, all the other judgments are unnecessary.