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Donald Glover, also known as Childish Gambino whenever he decides to pick up the mic to drop a few bars, has directed and produced a TV show. Atlanta is set to premiere sometime in September on FX. Atlanta is about two cousins trying to make it in the music industry as rappers (which should be relatable for about over half of the people living in Atlanta right now, no shade). Earnest "Earn" Marks, who is played by Glover, ends up failing at becoming a rap superstar while his cousin becomes the hottest rapper in the city. The story will show all the ups and downs that come with going after your dreams and dealing with the realities of everyday life in the A.
Donald Glover has always had a different way of looking at things, you can hear it in his music and see it in his music videos, so the new TV show will probably be entertaining to watch. Although the storyline of making it big as a rapper isn’t anything original, it will be interesting to see how Glover tells the story and what plot twists he puts on it.

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It’s exciting to see the spotlight on the city of Atlanta as well. So many people who are not from here, have this one-sided perspective of Atlanta. Contrary to popular belief, diversity does reside in the city, not everyone will fit the typical ATLien stereotypes that have been thrust upon the city’s natives. Also, let’s give it up for more of us directing and having starring roles in TV and film. Not only do you get to see Atlanta represented on a major network, but this is a major opportunity for people of color to be represented as well. Big roles for black actors and actresses aren’t so prominent within the realms of Hollywood. Now let’s just hope this TV series doesn’t suck. We are rooting for you Mr. Glover, don’t let us down.


Check out the promo vid below.

We will definitely be tuning in, will you?