The hardest working people in Atlanta are usually behind the scene making sure everything's running smoothly and properly.

Brian “Flex” Wynder is someone who is pushing the culture forward and keeping it consistent without having to be in the spotlight.

As the CEO of POP ATL apparel print shop, and founder of Media Mafia Productions, you won’t see Flex as the “face of his brand”, but you will see his work. His work ethic is his “face card” in Atlanta.



Flex has taken an apparel printing company and created a community around it. POP ATL has evolved into a cultural collective of fashion, art, music, and media. It’s become a full experience.

Flex and his friends are even behind the newly opened Atlanta Indie Market, which is a marketplace for the underground Atlanta creative scene to thrive.



He’s a man who is passionate about his business and it shows in everything he gets his hands on. Flex has created a lane specifically for his visions and have taken us all along on the ride to witness them manifest.