The Atlanta Indie Market is gearing up for its next market opening and we are looking for more vendors, artists, and community leaders.


As a vendor, you will be able to set up shop at the market and sell whatever products you offer. For artists, we will provide a platform for you to showcase your talents in front of a huge crowd.

Interested in community building? Have a solid cause you care about and want to spread the word about it? Atlanta Indie Market is perfect for those who simply have a message to share as well.


Come out and connect with the people of the community. Atlanta Indie Market has been pushing the culture all summer and now we are flowing into fall with an even bigger market experience.

On September 23, we will be collaborating with music artist B.O.B.

Atlanta Indie Market and BoBWood Fest will be bringing epic vibes this month!


Get those registrations in because space is limited.

Don’t say we didn’t inform you. See you on the 23rd!

To register: