Department Store: Atlanta’s Favorite Nightlife Spot Shuts Down

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Since Department Store’s opening in May 2014, it became a very popular spot for Atlanta’s millennials.

The venue was the home of countless open mics and music showcases, providing a platform for aspiring music artists in Atlanta. Department Store, also known as Erosol, was the heart of Edgewood Ave. Anyone hip to Atlanta’s underground creative scene has at least visited the spot once for one of their many functions. On any given night, you are bound to catch Atlanta’s rawest talent taking the stage, and some pretty cool networking opportunities.

However, Department Store is no more. On July 21, employees came to work to a closed venue and changed locks. The news was allegedly a surprise to the owner, Luis Carreras as well.

According to reports, Carreras is currently in a legal dispute with the landlord and has also recently filed bankruptcy on the property. The business accounts have been frozen/seized by the U.S. bankruptcy Court, and it is said that multiple lease violations occurred.

So for now, the two-story building stands deserted as Carreras attempts to get the legal side of things in order. In the meantime, Atlanta’s local music artists will have to find another spot to rock the mic.