East Atlanta Woman Helps Homeless Friend On Christmas And He Pays It Forward

(photo via WSB-TV)

Suzanne Podzemny was planning to have a not so great Christmas due to her not being able to make it home to family in time. However, fate had other plans for her. Podzemny ended up receiving a phone call from her friend named Rick, who happened to be actually be homeless. According to reports, he was just calling to say Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and to tell her he loved her. He left all of this in a voice mail.

So what did Suzanne Podzemny do? She made new plans for the holidays and decided to invite Rick over for dinner. And what she did next was even more amazing, she reached out to the East Atlanta community and asked if they could donate gifts for Rick.

Podzemny picked up Rick for Christmas dinner as planned and she even told him he could take a shower while she did his laundry. Eventually she revealed to Rick that she had gifts for him and showed him the room that was filled with all the donations from the community.

Of course Rick was overjoyed, he even decided to share his donations with others who were in need. So Rick, Podzemny, and her girlfriend ended up blessing others by delivering gifts to them for the holidays.

This story was a pretty cool find. It’s good to see that people still care. So often the news put out so many stories of crime and hate, it’s refreshing to get stories that are the complete opposite of that.

Since airing of the story, Podzemny created a GoFundMe Page for Rick. If you would like to donate here’s the link: https://www.gofundme.com/getrickonhisfeet

Happy New Year!

News story source: WSB-TV Channel 2