Exotic Dancer Makes 30K in One Night at T.I.’s New Gentlemen's Club in Atlanta

(photo via Zylah’s IG)

A few months ago video footage of what appeared to be a job fair for exotic dancers surfaced and went viral on the internet.

Rapper T.I. was looking for dancers to hire for his brand new strip club, called the V Live Club. Over 1600 women showed up, with resumes in hand, for their chance to dance in the club.

One of the girls who made it past the interviews and was hired to work at the club was Zylah.

Zylah is the beautiful dancer who’s been making headlines lately. What’s so special about her? Well she reportedly made 30K in one night at V Live. Either she has insane skills on the pole, or her NBA baller customers just felt really generous that night, whatever it was, she definitely went home a very happy woman.

The dancer made in one night, what most people make in one year. It kind of make you look at money and stripping a little differently huh? But don’t go exchanging your suit and cubicle for stilettos and G-strings just yet.

The V Live Club only opened about two weeks ago and has already been receiving rave reviews, and if Zylah’s big payout is any indication of what dancers can make at the club, T.I. may have just opened up a gold mine for himself and for those about that “strip club” life.

written by Chandra Meadows for POP ATL