Falcon’s Quarterback Matt Ryan Honored With Most Valuable Player Award

(via WSB-TV)

alToday is Superbowl Sunday, and every Super Bowl may be considered special simply because it is the championship game. However, this particular Super Bowl is pretty special for more than one reason. If you are an Atlanta native, or just a Falcons fan in general, you have probably already picked up on the energy that has swept over Atlanta since the Super Bowl announcement. The Atlanta Falcons are revisiting the Super Bowl after their 18 year hiatus, and we are most certainly rooting for the home team.

Matt Ryan has also added to making this championship pretty special and memorable by being given the Most Valuable Player Award by the Associated Press. During Saturday night’s NFL Honors event, Ryan earned the MVP award just in time for the Super Bowl. You may or may not be superstitious, but if this is any indication of how the Super Bowl will go, there’s a strong possibility the outcome just may be favorable for the Falcons.

As long as they go into it with their head in the game and winning in their hearts, we just may pull this off.

The team has been playing great this season, let’s just hope it continues for the Super Bowl. If we get this win, Atlanta will be filled with so much hype and pride for the rest of the year and beyond. Let’s go Falcons!