Golden Glide Skating Rink Will Be Closing Soon


Golden Glide Skating Rink is pretty legendary in Decatur, Ga.  For decades, the skating rink has been the go-to spot for teenagers to meet up with their friends, hang out, and of course, skate.

Unfortunately, Golden Glide will be shutting its doors very soon. As we all know, Atlanta and surrounding areas are changing. The old is being pushed out and the new is being welcomed in.

The Atlanta we used to know has become something completely different. It’s become a nostalgic memory, as many of us fight to hold on to what remains.

What will become of the space on Wesley Chapel Road? Will the space even be used once the rink has officially shut down?

Many are sad to see the skating rink go, but all things must eventually come to an end.

So long Golden Glide, thank you for the memories.