Houston’s restaurant is being accused of discrimination and racial profiling. The Houston’s located in Atlanta on Lenox Road to be exact. A group of 7 attempted to get a table at the restaurant and employers refused to seat them. Apparently, there’s some type of policy they have that says they don’t seat large parties, but when asked if the party could be broken up and seated at different tables with different waitresses, the restaurant still refused to seat them.


This incident has put the popular restaurant in the headlines. Although, the restaurant claims to not sit large parties, it's being reported that photos have surfaced of them doing exactly that. Houston’s responded to the allegations via their Instagram page saying:


“We have employed a diverse, hard-working staff serving Atlanta’s similarly diverse clientele for many years. Charges of discrimination are not only unfounded but are an intentional manipulation using social media. Our policies and guidelines apply equally to everyone. Our restaurants are not set up to accommodate large groups, with only a limited number of tables that can accommodate large parties together. Our Houston’s in Atlanta recently instituted a policy whereby large parties of 7 or more will not be split into separate groups at different tables, which means that larger groups may not be able to dine with us at certain times. We decided to close our Lenox Houston’s today from the anticipation of protests and threats made against the restaurant and staff members. We will always choose the side of caution when it comes to protecting our valued staff and guests.”


Well, people aren’t really going for their disclaimer and are still protesting the establishment. The restaurant has since been temporarily shut down while they do some major damage control. Atlanta’s very own T.I. has even joined in on the protests and of course he’s brought even more attention to the situation with the help of his celebrity.


Are we really surprised by any of this? Houston’s became the popular spot to go to among many in the black community, but what did the restaurant ever do to get such loyalty in the first place? This story is still developing. Be on the lookout for more news on this situation.