I.A.M.M And The T-Shirt Lady Present Free Promo

The music scene in Atlanta just may be turning over a new leaf.

More creatives are deciding to come together to provide artistic platforms for other creatives to express themselves.

What we are currently witnessing in Atlanta right now is pretty nostalgic. It’s reminding us of the time when Atlanta was all about showing love and embracing unity.

King Jai, the self-proclaimed hardest working rapper in the game has teamed up with the T-Shirt Lady, owner of Unique Art Gallery and Creative Studio, to bring you Free Promo.

Free Promo is a music networking event that gives artists and fans the space to network, politic, and catch live performances by some of the illest music artists in the city.

Free Promo is a brilliant idea. The hosts, King Jai and the T-Shirt Lady, encourage all attendees to network during the event. You never know who may be on the stage, or in the audience. If you are anybody doing anything worth mentioning, this is the perfect event to come out to and promote yourself.

This past Monday (March 6), @ransomrazina @sunimfsolomon @elitheassassin @kingelway  @gregorylamontus and @kardibarclay took the stage and their performances were fire.

Sounds were provided by: @dj_waltchamberlin

And even super producer @iam_30roc  blessed the stage, giving an exclusive listen of a couple of tracks he’s done production on.

If you missed this show, you can catch the next one on March 20th.

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