Phresh Ali is back on the scene with new music, but then again, he never left. Phresh Ali’s grind has been consistent, continuous, never-ending, constant, and relentless.   


If you are in Atlanta, you have more than likely heard his name, music, or both, at some point. He stays on the scene, showing love and support, as well as giving us consistently good music.


Phresh Ali is a breath of phresh air when it comes to the current state of Atlanta’s music scene. Groundhog Day, Ali’s latest single, is a wake up call to those who still may be asleep. As if his last projects Lupophobia and Fake Deep weren’t enough to get you to pay attention.


Groundhog Day embodies the flow that only Phresh Ali can bring, and we are here for it.


You can hear the track on your preferred streaming service, or you can just click the play button below.