Making Africa: A Continent of Contemporary Design is the latest art exhibition to be presented at the High Museum in Atlanta. The exhibition showcase the artwork of over 120 designers and artists.


It puts the spotlight on the side of Africa that barely gets represented within the United States. It isn’t highlighting what Africa isn’t, it’s highlighting everything Africa is and everything it’s becoming.


Africa is being seen as a “hub of experimentation generating new approaches and solutions of worldwide relevance”, which is certainly know surprise. History has shown that Africa has always been somewhat ahead of the world when it comes to innovation and design (see: pyramids).


The Making Africa: A Continent of Contemporary Design places the scope on Africa using varying mediums such as photography, architecture, film, design and art. The exhibition is divided into four parts: Prologue, I and We, Space and Object, and Origin & Future.


Making Africa will be at the High Museum from now until January 7. You can learn more about the art exhibition as well as purchase tickets here.