Missy Elliot Is Looking For Dancers In Atlanta


Missy Elliot is a legend in the entertainment world, but you should already know that. Missy changed the game with her music videos. She represented a futuristic era of hip hop with her catchy songs and creative music video concepts. She gave us a whole new take on what a hip hop artist looked and sounded like. Missy created her own lane and paved the way for others to be more comfortable when it came to expressing themselves creatively.

Well, it seems Missy just may be getting back in the game soon. Reports have surfaced that she is on a search for dancers. Friday, June 9th, Missy Elliot will be having open auditions for dancers ages 16 and up at the Dance 411 Studio in Atlanta.

If you can move, like really move, this is definitely the place you should be. Landing a gig with Missy would be pretty epic. Good luck!