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The newest artist coming out of Atlanta’s underground music scene is a rapper who goes by the name Phresh Ali.

If you are familiar with Atlanta’s music scene, or into good music, you have probably already heard of him but just in case you haven’t:

The Atlanta native has been making a name for himself for some time now. Phresh Ali has been on an around the clock grind, and now he is finally getting the recognition he deserves. He’s performed at just about every major music showcase in Atlanta, winning people over, and building up his own fan base.

Ali has even caught the attention of one of Hip Hop’s Music Moguls, Jermaine Dupri.


(photo via Phresh Ali’s Instagram)

Phresh Ali is like the birth child of Outkast and UGK.

And that’s just if we had to compare him to anyone relevant, otherwise he’s definitely a “phresh” entity all on his own. He brings a real old school hip hop vibe, but still manage to make you feel a whole new music experience at the same time. You can tell he does it his way, he brings authenticity into the booth with him. It’s no surprise that Mr. So So Def himself has decided to take Ali under his wing, he’s a musical force whose reminding us what the art of rap is all about. Phresh Ali is one of the few artists who is making rap cool again. If he isn't on one of your music playlists by now, he should be.


Phresh Ali recently released a visual for his song Building Rome, check it out below.

You can also catch Phresh Ali on BET’s Music Moguls Tuesdays at 9p/8c.

To hear more music from this artist visit phreshali.com.



written by Chandra Meadows for POP ATL