Over 500,000 People May Be In Atlanta This Labor Day Weekend

(via ajc.com)

If you are in Atlanta, you have probably noticed the influx of traffic and people within the city. Everyone wants to relocate to Atlanta, and while we all know how great our city is, all the excess traffic has become very annoying.

The highways are ridiculous and if you live outside of the city, getting to the city is always a hassle. Dealing with the traffic is pretty much an everyday thing for us in the A, but this weekend is expected to be pretty epic. The traffic will surely be way more of a headache than usual.

There are so many events happening this weekend, which will bring so many people, which means a drastic increase in traffic. So what’s going on this weekend in Atlanta anyway?

A Braves/San Diego Padres game at Turner Field, UGA’s game against UNC, an AC/DC concert at Philips Arena,  it’s Black Gay Pride Weekend, Dragon Con, and of course all the Labor Day festivities.

So yeah, Atlanta is about to be extra lit this weekend. If you are a planning to attend any of the events, or planning to just be in the area, be aware of the traffic. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself sitting in traffic longer than usual, consider this your warning but don’t let the traffic ruin your weekend. Plan accordingly and have fun!

written by Chandra Meadows for POP ATL