Atlanta has been undergoing a lot of changes lately. Some of these changes are good, some may be bad, and the fate of some of these changes are still up in the air. Atlanta is growing daily.

From the population to the infrastructures, Atlanta is becoming more and more major. Of course Atlanta is the place to be, it’s the land of opportunity, especially for members of the black community.

As the city continues to change before our eyes, we get to witness the breaking down and rebuilding of a city, and we also get to experience gentrification first hand.

Atlanta’s future can be bright and bold for those who are able to use these changes to their benefit, but it can also be very bland and bleek to those who may not be so lucky.

Keisha Lance Bottoms has just been elected as the 60th mayor of Atlanta. She’s only the second African American woman to have the position. The fact that Bottoms won the election definitely shows how Atlanta is expanding in many ways.

What are your thoughts on the state of Atlanta’s future?

Are you happy with the changes? Do you miss “old Atlanta”? Are you embracing "New Atlanta"?

Let us know your thoughts.