Will Atlanta’s Winter Storm Warning Shut Down The City This Weekend?

We have been complaining about winter passing us by, and how the weather has been so bipolar. Well, winter may be making its grand appearance this weekend in the form of snow and sleet.

If you were around for the last snow storm that shut the city down back in 2014, then you may recall how bad things became. The storm was named “snowpocalypse” and it literally shut the city down and had many people stranded on highways and byways.

To hopefully avoid all of that, state officials are advising everyone to prepare now. Stores throughout the city are being bombarded as everyone prepare to be stuck in the house for the duration of the weekend. For some odd reason, people tend to stack up on milk and bread during these times.

Of course, no one really knows how bad the “storm” will be, but it is better to be over prepared than not prepared at all.

According to weather reports, Atlanta is expected to receive about 1-4 inches of snow between tonight (Friday) and Saturday. However, the actual snow isn’t usually the threat, it’s the ice that gets people stuck (pun intended).

So be safe out there guys. Stay home if you can and only leave if you truly have to. We do not need Snowpocalypse: The Sequel.