Investments can be good or bad, it all depends on how much time and energy you are investing, and what you are actually investing in. However, the right investments are always those that prove to be beneficial. Within any good investment, you will be looking for a ROI, or return of investment. Ideally, when you invest in anything, you will measure whether the investment was a good one by the return you receive. When many people think of investments, money is more than likely the number one thing that comes to mind, but not all investments are based off financial gains. Some investments are priceless.

Here are 3 genius things to invest in:

  • Mental Stability
  • Mental health is extremely important. We live within a society that doesn’t always take mental health as serious as it should. In fact, the conditions we currently live in aren’t always beneficial to our mental health. It is up to you to invest in yourself mentally. Your mindset can truly make or break you, and there are many people walking around broken. Make time to take care of you. The state of your wellbeing will determine how you move through life. Would you rather move in chaos or ease? Whichever you invest the most time, energy and effort into, will be the one you experience the most of.

  • Physical Health
  • Don’t sleep on what you put into your body and how you generally treat it. Investing in your physical health is always a solid investment. How many new bodies will you be receiving this lifetime? There’s a strong chance you will be with your current body until the day you die, so why not make sure it’s running in top condition? The foods you eat and the physical activities you engage in, can help strengthen your overall health. So making investments in those areas would be pretty wise.

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Being able to manage your own emotions is such an important skill to master. Once you figure out how to deal with you, it will be easier to deal with others. Emotional Intelligence, or lack thereof, is at the root of how anyone responds to their circumstances and environment. The more emotional intelligence you have, the more awareness you will have of yourself and others.

    So there you have it folks! Mental stability, physical health, and emotional intelligence are the 3 genius things you should always invest in. Anyone who can invest in and master these things, will never be “poor” or without.