Life is filled with disappointments, uncertainty, and unknowns. It is our fears and doubts that often hold us back. If you want something in this life, you are going to have to go out and get it, and sometimes you just may have to create it yourself. You will not always have good days and that is okay. Some days, you may feel like giving up. Some days, you may feel like nothing is working in your favor. Some days, you may not even want to get out of bed. During these moments, you may need to take time to regroup and refocus, but don’t give up.


If you are pursuing a dream, you are already on the right track. The journey won’t be pretty all the time, but it will build your character. Here are 3 reasons to keep going…


  1. Your happiness depends on it.

If you are chasing a dream, you are probably passionate about it. There’s more than likely something inside of you that is pulling you in the direction of whatever dreams you are after. If you give up, you will regret it. You will have moments when you will look back on the time you stop pursuing your dreams, and be met with a whole lot of what-ifs.


  1. You are almost there.

If you have already been making strides towards your dreams, you are already halfway there. How do you know you won’t get that breakthrough you’ve been needing, tomorrow?

You don’t. The second you give up, could be the second right before everything changes. So, keep going.


  1. All the lessons are in the journey.

The journey doesn’t have to be that bad. Change your perspective. The road to success, to living out a dream, and to reaching a goal, is paved with so many valuable lessons. If you do it right, you are bound to get out of it with way more wisdom than you had coming in.


Just keep going, and remember, movement is movement no matter the pace. You got this.