3 Things To Keep In Mind When You Are The Boss And The Worker



Most entrepreneurs start out working by themselves. When you initially decide to become your own boss, you may not have a solid team off bat, so you end up being the worker and the boss.

Having to go back and forth between the two can get a little tiresome and confusing. Here are 3 things to keep in mind when you are the boss and the worker:


  1. Accountability. 

Since you are acting as your own boss, you must hold yourself accountable. If you know you have work to do, do it. Don’t try to justify procrastination. When you work for yourself, slacking off becomes a little easier to do. You must resist the urge to do so. Take yourself seriously as a boss. Think of it as practice for when you do get a team.


  1. Know Yourself.

You need to learn what type of boss you are and know what type of worker you are. This will help you better navigate between the two. It’s also very critical for you to be honest with yourself. For example, there will be times when you will not feel like working. You will need to understand the difference between you actually needing to rest, or you just being lazy. Sometimes the "boss" you will have to put the "worker" you in check. Just be prepared for that.


  1. Pep Talks.

You don’t have a team of people cheering you on and telling you what a good job you did at closing that deal, drawing that painting, writing that article, or whatever it is you do. You will need to be that cheering squad for yourself too. Don’t shy away from giving yourself necessary words of encouragement often. Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy, you will have to pick yourself up when you are feeling down. Being the worker and the boss can be overwhelming at times, but just take your time. Figure out what works for you and push through. You are more than capable.