It’s spring. The season that brings forth the newness of beginnings. Spring is the perfect time to just exhale. Well, for those who may suffer from seasonal allergies, this obviously isn’t advice to take literally.


This is the season to push through and be all you can be. It’s time to come out of your cocoon and spread those wings. You have been prepared for this season. During the previous seasons, you were hit with many changes, which led to so much growth. It’s now time to spring forward and blossom.

Here are 3 ways to welcome this spring equinox with open arms:

Take the backpack full of thoughts and emotions from the past, off of your back.

You are supposed to be making this journey as light as possible. Stop carrying around the unnecessary baggage. Initially, it will be hard. You will feel like you are leaving behind a piece of yourself by removing that baggage, but this is false. Think of it as making room for the higher you to bloom. The lighter the load, the higher you will go. Keep this in mind this season.

Allow yourself to be.

The energy that arrives within the spring equinox is calm. It’s the perfect time to find balance. Exhale. Allow yourself to evolve from every aspect of your multidimensional soul. Allow yourself to find fullness. You are complete. Everything you need is already inside of you. We tend to get unbalanced when we doubt our own abilities. You are the alchemist over your life. Having all of that responsibility and holding all of the accountability may be a little scary, but if you want a fulfilling life, you are going to have to take the driver’s seat.

Make room for enjoyment.

Do more of what brings you pleasure. For some reason, we deny ourselves pleasure. We have even been tricked into thinking that it’s normal to do. We are basically taught that living a life filled with enjoyment, is something you must sacrifice now in order to find it later. This notion is pretty ridiculous when you logically think about it. You can live a pleasurable life now. You have every right to enjoy life. It’s your birthright. Set aside time to do more of the things you like this season.

Remember to stay present and enjoy!

Spring is here! It’s time for us to blossom.

Happy New Year my friends.