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The Get Down is the newest series to be released as a Netflix Original.

The musical dramedy is definitely worth a watch. Netflix released part 1 of the series, which include 6 episodes. After watching the first episode, it’s a guarantee you will want to continue watching, especially if you are a fan of the culture of Hip Hop.

Here’s 5 reasons why you should be watching The Get Down, if you aren’t already obsessed:


  1. Hip Hop Culture

The Get Down takes place in Bronx, New York during the late 1970’s. It does an excellent job reminding us of where and how the roots of Hip Hop originated, from graffiti, to DJing, rap, dance, and eccentric fashions. The Get Down cover all aspects of the things we have grown to love about the culture. With collaborations from legends like Nas and Grandmaster flash, the series was a solid representation of the Hip Hop scene back in the 70’s. It also shows that Hip Hop goes beyond rap, it’s soul, it’s disco, it’s art. It’s a whole lifestyle.


  1. The Spoken Word

Ezekiel aka Zeek, one of the main characters played by Justice Smith, was the wordsmith of the movie. Throughout the series, Zeek spits spoken word while engaging in normal conversation. It’s pretty smooth the way it is incorporated within the different scenes, it gives off a Shakespearean type of vibe but with more soul. His word play takes the series to a different level, it’s one of the key elements in the show that connects the everyday situations experienced by the characters with the theme.


  1. The Storyline

The Get Down is about a group of South Bronx kids who get together and use their set of skills to express themselves in the midst of dealing with poverty, crime, and limited resources. Each character has a dream or objective, they are all striving to prove themselves and to be more. It’s a different perspective of the “ghetto”. A place that is known to breed hopelessness, ends up being the very thing that gives hope to those who refuse to accept the unfortunate hand they’ve been dealt. It shows how the birth of hip-hop inspired movements and saved lives.


  1. The Music

Of course the music is a great reason to watch the show! The Get Down is like a musical but way cooler.

You will hear a few familiar sounds from greats such as The Temptations and Stevie Wonder. The soundtrack for the series is amazing, but you will also hear some great tracks that are a part of the actual show as well. Let’s just say, the dialogue won’t be the only thing that keep you interested.


  1. The Wisdom

There’s so many gems sprinkled within the script.

You will most definitely be inspired. Valuable life lessons can be found wrapped within each episode.


Although it’s only Part 1, The Get Down deserves an award already. It’s refreshing. You will laugh, you will be sad, you will dance, and you will feel like you are right there with the characters, having their experiences. If you haven’t watched it yet, take your time once you start, because we will not be getting a part 2 until 2017. Enjoy.


written by Chandra Meadows for POP ATL