A DJ From Gwinnett County Attempts To Cash In On The ‘U Name It’ Challenge And End Up Sued By Shirley Caesar?

(via blackamericaweb.com)


A 2010 Shirley Caesar sermon has gotten popular due to it lighting the fire for the creation of the U Name It Challenge. After the initial remix of the video went viral, many people jumped on the U Name It bandwagon and created their own versions of the song and challenge.

However, a DJ by the name of Keenan Nebb out of Gwinnett County, is being slapped with an injunction to cease and desist his U Name It video, which could possibly lead to a lawsuit if the video isn’t taken down.

The pastor and gospel artist, only made a deal with rapper Snoop Dogg in regards to using her video according to reports, and did not authorize the release of Nebb’s video. Caesar’s legal team could possibly be seeking $5 million in losses if there is a lawsuit.  They are saying the images in the video "violate the brand, image and name of a Christian pastor". Apparently Caesar was okay with the original remix of the video, but the one released by the DJ obviously didn’t sit well with her.

Keenan Nebb was just trying to jump on the wave and possibly cash in on the fame that’s being associated with the U Name It Challenge and ended up in way too deep. Maybe next time, he will think again before putting something he doesn’t have the rights to on iTunes?


Check out Nebb’s music video below: