America bleeds red, white, and blue. It prides itself on giving all its citizens liberty and justice. It feeds the world the idea of pursuing this “American Dream”. A dream that is supposed to bring happiness and fulfillment.


America’s system and culture is based on a lie. We all know it’s a lie but it’s what we have become accustomed to. In fact, if we were to reflect on the history of America, we will see that there has never been a time when there was actual “liberty and justice for all”. There’s always been a hierarchy. There’s always been inequality. There’s always been division.


What America represents is the opposite of what is presented in its doctrines, treaties, and legislation. Only a certain group of people are privileged to receive a real shot at the American Dream. Everyone else is constantly met with opposition and resistance. For some reason, this privileged group of people fear equality. They fear losing their privilege. How would they possibly survive under the very conditions they continue to throw upon others? They couldn’t.


History continue to repeat itself. The evolution of humanity just can’t seem to get past it’s bigotry ways. Hate and confusion reigns supreme on their privileged lands.


So what about those who don’t fit the image of what an American is supposed to look like?

What about those who share different beliefs, customs, and skin tones?

Do we continue to beg for mercy? Do we continue to write witty phrases on poster boards and march through the streets? Do we continue to be passive with our lives? Our freedom? Our right to just be? How do you reason with people with no reason?

Donald Trump becoming president has helped remove the veil and expose the America that has always been. The America that has a history of violence, hate, lies, murder, capitalism, racism, sexism, and corruption.

What is currently happening in America isn’t new. It’s just America continuing to show us who and what it represents.

We are in dire need of a real revolution but are we really ready to revolt?