In 2017, we predicted flying cars not $1,000 cell phones. Did you ever imagine us arriving at this point? Paying $1,000 for a phone? But this article isn’t about that, well not entirely.


First, let’s acknowledge the genius that is Apple.

When it comes to being progressive, connecting with consumers, and creating an experience, Apple is God.  From the marketing, the branding, and design, to the concept and the strategic way they introduce new products. Apple has made its brand a lifestyle and now it’s an extremely influential lifestyle brand. Apple Inc. has flawlessly created it's own culture. 


During Apple’s annual press conference, it celebrated Steve Jobs and the iPhone’s 10-year Anniversary by debuting the iPhone X. The X comes with a face recognition feature that can be used to unlock the phone, wireless charging, larger screen, no home button, and its water and dust resistant.



Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, is calling this “the biggest leap forward” since the first iPhone hit the market. Apple continues to revolutionize the world of technology as they continue to push us further into the future.


Unfortunately, the more technologically advanced we become, the more consumerism will increase. Apple is leading us into an evolved way of life, but it may cost us more than $999. While, the company is noted as genius, it is also pulling us deeper into being constant consumers of materialism. The average person paying $1000 for a phone, would have probably been an absurdity of a thought ten years ago.


However, apple products are addicting. The company has branded itself into our lives.

It’s almost make you feel like you are a part of this exclusive club with super expensive membership fees.


iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and Apple Watch Series 3 were also officially introduced during the Apple press conference. They will be available for pre-order on September 15. The iPhone X will be available for pre-order on October 27.



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