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Staying up on celebrity life has always been appealing to society. People love living vicariously through the rich and famous. It allows many to take a break from their own lives, which may be filled with redundant routines and unfilled dreams.

With the surge of reality television and the rise of celebs giving us around the clock access to details of their lives, the obsession with not only celebrity life, but the life of strangers is at an all-time high.

People are either obsessed with watching the famous, or obsessed with becoming famous.

Is this addiction to celeb culture causing us to resent our own lives? Are people doing more of watching other people lives than living their own? And are these curated lifestyles causing us to have unrealistic ideals of what life is truly about?


Celebrity lifestyles are cool to indulge in every now and then but it may become a little unhealthy when the occasional indulgence turns into obsession. The constant need to know what other people are doing can conflict with people being able to productively live their lives without comparing themselves to others.


If you want to read celebrity blogs, keep up with them via social media, etc. that’s your prerogative. Just make sure you are not detaching from your reality at the expense of trying to keep up with the “Kardashians”.