Are you doing what you should be doing? This question may come off as very vague to most, but how many of us are living aimlessly?


Granted, living “aimlessly” may not even be possible if you see life itself has your purpose?


But that’s another post for another time. Today, we explore how you can tell if you are even in the ballpark of your purpose.  For clarification purposes let’s define what “purpose” actually is:


Purpose: the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.


So, you can look at purpose from many angles, but in this article, we are focusing on two points of perspective:


  1.      You are that “something” that was birthed to create something else.
  2.      That “something else” you were birthed to create will not exist until you create it.


By the above definition, you exist for specific reasons and you are here to give birth to your own creations. What it is you create and in what capacity you create it, is what your life’s journey is all about. Life will eventually reveal this to you if you pay attention.


There aren’t really any rules for this either. Purpose looks different for everyone.


We are all figuring out life or our purpose as we go. And just because you manifest one purpose, doesn’t not mean your journey is over, you will more than likely find yourself being pulled towards yet another purpose. Purpose is the leading navigator for a consistent flow of life.


So how do you know when you are on the same path as your purpose?

Well, first let’s acknowledge that there’s no right or wrong way. How can there be when you are the creator for that which you experience? You can always control the narrative of your experience. However, don’t confuse this with being able to control what goes on outside of you or the experience of others. Basically, there is no right or wrong way for you to do you.

…But life will show you when you are not going in the direction you should be going.


Here are 3 things to pay attention to while on your journey of discovery:


Pay attention to how you feel:

Emotions and feelings are given a bad rep sometimes but within a balanced being, their emotions and feelings can be used to effectively guide them in life. Are you happy when you wake up in the morning? Do you enjoy each day? Do you feel you are positively impacting yourself and your environment? Are you confident with yourself? Do you feel love within and around your life? Do you wake up miserable? Are you able to get out of bed? Are you anxious about life?


Pay attention to what you think:

What are your thoughts consisting of? Do you find yourself thinking highly of yourself and others or are you a negative Nancy? Do you hold on to the past? Are you obsessed with the future? Or are you able to stay balanced in the present? What do you think about on the daily basis? Is it uplifting or detrimental?


Pay attention to what you are feeding yourself:

Are you frequently consuming positivity in some form? Are you able to find motivation when needed? Do you have a solid support system? What are you reading, eating, listening to, watching?


If you pay attention to what you feel, think, and eat (physically & mentally), you will be able to tell if you are doing what you should be doing. Your body, your mind, your soul will let you know if you are engaging in things that are inflating or deflating you.


In short, do what feels good to your soul people.