As we all know by now, Jay Z and Beyonce made it clear from the beginning that the media do not own them. Most celebrities, or anyone in the public eye, typically has a hard time keeping their personal lives personal. Paparazzi is forever lurking trying to get their next big photo opt. However, somehow, Jay and Bey have perfected the art of the media curve.


They only put out what they want to put out, and it’s always on their terms.

They have obviously figured out a strategy that works, and have surrounded themselves with loyal people who don’t feel the need to leak anything to the media. It all seems pretty air tight.


Since the birth of the new additions to the Carter dynasty, no photos of the babies were revealed. For a whole month, Rumi and Sir Carter were not seen by anyone outside of the Carter camp.

It’s actually pretty refreshing to see people who hold so much fame still keep some mystery in their lives. The big photo reveal did not come delivered by a major magazine or media publication, it came from a simple photo update via Beyonce’s Instagram page late last night.


Ladies and gentlemen Rumi and Sir Carter are here, and for those who have been itching to see them, the Carter family has finally granted you that wish.


Congrats Jay and Bey!