Basically, everything Beyonce does is met with instant praise and worship byway of the beehive. Beyonce can do wrong, well...maybe except that one time, but we won’t talk about that. Let’s just say it involved some very disoriented bangs.

But for the most part, Beyonce is really Queen Bey to those who have no problem kissing the ground she walks on. For Halloween this year, the new mommy of twins, snatched everyone’s edges as Lil Kim.

She paid homage to some of Lil Kim’s most iconic looks. Lil Kim doesn't really get the credit she deserves for some of the bold, fashion forward styles she gifted the culture with back in the 90s/00s hip hop eras.

Many of Kim’s looks were classics. Beyonce definitely reminded us who the original Queen Bee was and of course she did it flawlessly.

Check out all the looks below. 






*all images via Beyonce's IG