Bow Wow’s Lie Triggers The #BowWowChallenge

(via Billboard)

Shad Moss, the rapper formerly known as Bow Wow continues to take L’s.

Over the years, Lil Bow Wow has come a long way from being the beloved cute little rapper. He’s become more like a Roger from Sister, Sister, you know the pesky neighbor who won’t go away.

The people have spoken time and time again, Bow Wow’s time with fame has pretty much faded. However, he just keeps popping back into the headlines, and it’s never for anything good.

In recent news, Bow Wow was caught “flexin’ for the Gram”. He posted a photo on his Instagram page and made it seem like he was flying in a private jet from Atlanta to New York. He was quickly put on blast when someone posted a photo of him actually flying on a commercial plane.




Bow Wow’s stunt has started a new internet challenge, the Bow Wow Challenge. The challenge is basically everyone posting photos and videos of them faking lifestyles and situations. It says a lot when a celebrity with as much history in the industry as Bow Wow feels the need to pull stunts like this. Social media has become a space where people can be whoever they want to be, even if it completely contradicts who they are in real life.

According to Bow Wow, this is all basically for promo for his new reality show Growing Up: Hip Hop Atlanta, which is set to premiere May 25.

Why do we feel they need to put on for strangers on the internet?

Is flexin’ the new fad?