Chance The Rapper Makes The Cut For Most Influential Person

(via Billboard)

It's no surprise that Chance the Rapper landed on Time's 100 Most Influential People list.

Chance has been influential for so many reasons. The 2016 release of his third mixtape Coloring Book blew up the charts. The "gospel” inspired hip hop tape had everyone talking. He even became the first artist to win a Grammy for a streaming-only album, which is a pretty impressive win.

As Chance continues to make innovative moves within the music industry, he has also shown that he hasn't forgotten where he came from in the process. Earlier this year, he donated $1 million to Chicago’s Public Schools.

As you can see, he deserves this win. He has most definitely earned his place on this list. You can also expect to hear his name a lot more, especially if he keeps making these smart moves within the industry.

Chance is a different type of artist and he's proven it time and time again, and at just 24, he’s only getting started.

Congrats Chance!