2017 has been quite the year right? You can probably make a long list of all the mistakes you've made and the lessons you've learned from this year alone.

This year has been a transformational one for many. You've probably figured out things about yourself you didn’t know beforehand? Maybe lost and/or gained a few lifelong friends? Or Maybe you finally decided to travel to that city or country you have always wanted to travel to? Or decided to finally start your own business?

Whatever epiphanies, revelations, and realizations you've had this year, the events that led to them were all necessary. With 2018 peaking around the corner, it’s the perfect time to start putting those new routines, objectives, and lifestyle changes into play.

Why wait until 2018? New routines don’t just happen one day at the snap of your finger. Think about the routines and habits you have currently, they didn’t just happen overnight. Habits are formed through repetition. Therefore, if you were to start putting those things into play now, you will put yourself in position to win more once the new year hits.

By the time 2018 makes it debut, you will already be on your way to mastering the new and improved lifestyle you are determined to manifest.

The “new year, new me” phase is like the rites of passage for welcoming in a new year. However, many people usually fall off that wave right around March, maybe April. Don't let this be you. 

Here’s some new year advice:

If you are planning to jump on the “new year, new me” wave, commit to it. Commit to it for the entirety of 2018, not just for the first couple months. Good luck!