The 90’s was such an epic era for television and film.


Family Matters was one of the popular television series given to us by the 90’s. Watching the Winslows was something to look forward to. The show focused on a middle-class family in Chicago. Actor Jaleel White, who played the character of the quite memorable Steve Urkel, or the geeky neighbor from next door who had a massive crush on Laura Winslow.


While the show itself was pretty entertaining, it’s the opening theme song that really stole the show. Family Matters is a classic.


Unfortunately, according to reports, the house that is showed in the beginning credits will soon be demolished. The new owners of the house weren’t able to just renovate the home, so they are knocking it down. In its place will be a three-unit residence.


The new owners are supposedly planning to hang a photo of the original home and of the Family Matters cast in the new house.