Google Doodle Features Black Consciousness Movement Co-Founder Steve Biko On Their Homepage

Yesterday, on Dec. 18th, Google celebrated Steve Biko’s birthday by featuring him on their homepage. Biko was the co-founder of the Black Consciousness Movement. Throughout the lands of South Africa Biko spread the message of black cultural pride. The Black Consciousness Movement also fought against apartheid. Biko ended up being banned by the government for his anti-apartheid activism. This ban didn’t allow him to have speaking engagements in public, and he wasn’t allowed to speak to groups of people or to the media.

However, Biko didn’t let that stop him, he continued to fight against the racial segregation in South Africa. He died at the age of 30 while in custody due to being beaten by police officers in 1977. While the cause of his death was inhumane, his legacy has lived on.

On his 70th birthday, Google remembered the life and times of Steve Biko, the revolutionary who definitely left his mark in the fight for equality.