Hello February! Please Be Good To Us

January has come to an end, after what felt like forever. For a second, it seemed like January was really here to stay but February has finally come around.

February may be the shortest month out of the year, but it is filled with so much substance. Not only is it the month of “love”, with Valentine’s Day falling on the 14th day, it’s also Black History Month. Yes, we celebrate black history 365 days but it’s still pretty cool to have an official month dedicated to it. Another cool thing about February, well this one in particular, is the fact that we get to witness the Atlanta Falcons dominate at this year’s Super Bowl!

And for those who may not have gotten off to a good start for the New Year, you are most definitely entitled to a do over. February is the perfect time to start again. It’s still the beginning of the year, we haven’t gotten too deep into the year yet. There’s still time to make 2017 everything you want it to be.

Overall, February should be good to us. It won’t linger around like January did. It’s here to give us something short and sweet. Happy February 1st